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Corporate Stance

IRI understands that IP (Internet Protocol) is one of the most important technical and social themes of today, and lays stress on the following 3 points in order for us to be "an eternally innovative company" capable of contributing to society with our IP technology.

"Potentiality of growth"
If we think of IP as the motive power of the industrial revolution, promotion of IP becomes more and more essential in every industrial field and social occasion in the future. IRI will maintain its potentiality of growth by continuously applying IP technology to every field.
IRI will always move forward by communicating to society on a broad base what kind of network society must be realized with IP and our aims for this purpose.
"Capability for Solving Problems"
While IP has an innovative impact for changing ordinary industrial structures, organizations and senses of value, things may not go as expected or new problems may occur due to new challenges. In regards

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