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Major consolidated subsidiaries
Ubiteq, Inc. (Ubiteq)
The business activities of IRI-Ubiteq look ahead to the advent of a ubiquitous information society. With Matsushita Electric Works, this company developed Building Exchange, which uses computers and networks to control building lighting and HVAC systems. IRI-Ubiteq has been designing and building networks since the early days of the Internet service provider and data communication carrier businesses. By using this experience, IRI-Ubiteq also entered the wireless broadband field by starting a business to support the new WiMAX standard.
IRI Commerce and Technology, Inc. (IRI-CT)
IRI-CT started offering services for development and operation of e-commerce systems in 2000. In addition, IRI-CT currently operates a number of media, including "RBB TODAY", a broadband information site, and "Response", an automobile news site. Other activities include Internet advertising and publishing books containing a collection of Internet contents.
Produce on Demand Inc. (PoD)
PoD operates one of the largest broadband streaming video distribution platforms in Japan. Content includes GyaO, a broadband broadcast by Usen, as well as Tohoku Rakuten Eagles baseball broadcasts and other entertainment, information on products and services, corporate investor relations' materials, and an e-learning service. These contents are distributed by using advanced technology with stability.
Global Knowledge Network Japan, Ltd. (GKN)
GKN was established in 1995 when the education division of Japan DEC (now Hewlett Packard) became a separate company. The objective was to supply IT training services to make client companies more competitive. GKN is now one of Japan's largest Cisco-certified learning solutions partner. GKN is also certified by Microsoft. The primary clients are system integrators and telecom companies. For these clients, GKN offers the best possible training formats that combine classroom instruction (IP network technology, vendor technologies, business skills and other subjects) with e-learning.
Major equity method affiliates
BroadBand Tower, Inc. (BBTower)
BBTower's data center business has three components: operating environments that ensure 24-hour/365-day operations of customers' servers; Internet connection environments; and supervision, operation and maintenance services for servers and networks. In the broadband distribution business, BBTower offers a full line of services. Activities extend from the planning to the production and distribution of Internet cinema, documentaries, advertisements, public relations and other content that meets customer needs. BBTower supplies everything from infrastructures for information distribution to the content itself. Through these activities, the company is taking the Internet's standard environment to a new age in which mDC (media Distribution Centers) replace iDC (internet Data Centers) as the primary means of disseminating information.
Japan Internet Exchange Co., Ltd. (JPIX)
JPIX offers an independent Internet exchange (IX) service that provides peer-to-peer connection between networks of Internet service providers (ISP). JPIX is also linked to major overseas ISPs. This company ranks first in Japan in terms of traffic volume and linked customers. Overall, this IX service supports the backbone of Japan's Internet.
Mobile Internet Capital, Inc. (MIC)
MIC is a venture capital firm specializing in mobile and Internet fields. In addition to assisting development of venture enterprises, MIC is actively involved in creation of new businesses in these fields to maximize investment outcomes and thus contributes to growth and revitalization of industries. The company supports for corporatization of foreign companies in Japan.

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