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IR Policy

1. Objective and Basic Stance of IR Activities
IR activities conducted by Internet Research Institute, Inc. (the “Company”) are intended to promote understanding on the Company by its shareholders and investors and other market participants, encourage them to properly assess the Company's value, and feed back market opinions to the management of the Company. For this purpose, the basic stance of such IR activities is to report the Company's management strategies, financial standing and other information ”correctly”, “quickly”, “voluntarily” and “impartially”.
2. Criteria for Disclosure
The Company makes disclosures in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Law of Japan and the “Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information” prescribed by Tokyo Stock Exchange. Pursuant to Articles 2, 3 and 4 of the said Timely Disclosure Rules, the Company will disclose the concerned information in a timely manner when there arises any management decision, fact, information about financial settlements, etc., that may have any impact on investment decisions, when the Company receives an enquiry from Tokyo Stock Exchange, or when there is any material change, suspension, etc., in the important corporate information already disclosed.
In addition to the foregoing, the Company intends to endeavor to disclose other information that is not required under the Timely Disclosure Rules as impartially as possible, in order to respond to the needs of the shareholders and investors.
3. Manner of Disclosure
The information required under the Timely Disclosure Rules will be disclosed on “TDnet”, a website provided by Tokyo Stock Exchange (“TSE”), and released to the news media through TSE's press club (“Kabuto Club”) in accordance with the said rules. In addition to this, the Company endeavors to post the information disclosed on TDnet on the Company's website also as promptly as possible. In some cases, however, the posting of such information on the Company's website may considerably fall behind the disclosure on TDnet because of preparation of PDF files or other tools.
Some information that is not required under the Timely Disclosure Rules will be also disclosed in an appropriate manner, in line with the purport of the timely disclosed information.
4. Business Forecasts
Among the Company's business forecasts, operating goals, and so on posted on its website, the matters that are not historical facts are mere future predictions prepared on some hypothetical conditions and judged by the Company's management team based on the currently available information. Therefore the actual results to be achieved may sometimes result in the figures significantly different from those predictions, due to various economic conditions, social circumstances, or other external factors. Accordingly, please refrain from fully depending on those business forecasts, etc., for the purpose of making investment decisions.
5. Undisclosed Material Facts
All the information disclosed or to be disclosed in any individual meetings or results briefings held by the Company for financial analysts and institutional investors or in any printed materials, websites, telephonic inquiries, media interviews, and so on, are nothing more than the facts already disclosed or made publicly known, common business environments, and the like.
In no event will the Company refer to any undisclosed material fact.
6. Period for Voluntary Ban on IR Activities
In order to prevent leakage of any information that may affect the stock price during the period for preparation of each quarterly earnings announcement, the Company will lay down a specific period before the expected date of such earnings announcement as the “period for voluntary ban on IR activities” and refrain from holding any individual meetings or briefings for analysts and making comments on or responding to inquiries about financial results to specific shareholders and investors or news media during this period. However, if the Company judges during this period that any business forecast may materially deviate from the information already disclosed, the Company intends to make timely disclosure in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules.
7. Investment Decisions
The contents posted on the Company's website are provided for the purpose of promoting understanding on the Company and are not intended to solicit investments in the Company. In the event of any investment decision, please refrain from fully depending on the information on the Company's website and make your own decision on your responsibility.

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