IRI regards Internet Protocol (IP) as today’s most important theme both in terms of technological and social aspects. As such, in order to be a “constantly innovative company” that can contribute to the society through IP technology, we especially place value on the following three points.

Growth Potential

When positioned as the driving force behind the industrial revolution, IP can become even more critical in all areas of the industry and society. At IRI, we wish to maintain our growth potential by continuously applying IP technology in all areas.


We constantly wish to deliver to the wider society our vision of the network society to be realized through the utilization of IP, and what we aim to achieve and plan to do to that end.

Problem-Solving Ability

IP technology has enough impact to change the existing industrial structure, organizations and values. But as this is a new challenge, there may be cases where things won’t proceed as expected or may lead to causing new problems. Even in such cases, IRI will be a reliable source to all under any situation.