Basic Policy on Information Disclosure

1Basic Policy on Information Disclosure

Internet Research Institute Ltd., a parent company (hereinafter referred to as the “Parent Company”) of Internet Research Institute, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), is listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in Israel. Accordingly, the Company will disclose information to shareholders and other general investors, institutional investors, and analysts based on principles of fairness, accuracy, and rapidity, pursuant to the relevant laws and ordinances of Israel and the timely disclosure regulations set forth by the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The Company will also work towards the proactive disclosure of information considered to be necessary for understanding the Company Group.

2Means for Information Disclosure

The Company will promptly disclose information disclosed by the Parent Company, through the predetermined electronic disclosure system, while at the same time rapidly posting the information so disclosed on the Company’s website, in principle. In this manner, the Company will strive to realize an improved system through which information can be equitably obtained. In addition, the announcement of important information shall be made by the prescribed methods such as the use of an electronic disclosure system or posting on the Company’s website.

3Performance Forecast and Future Estimate

Matters for future estimates such as performance forecasts announced by the Parent Company are based on available information and certain assumptions deemed to be reasonable. Therefore, the contents thereof shall not be guaranteed.

4Silent Period

The Company and the Parent Company have established an IR silent period with a view to preventing the leakage of financial information and ensuring fairness. This IR period shall be an IR activity restraint period commencing two weeks before each date scheduled for the announcement of financial information. During this period, the Company and the Parent Company will refrain from commenting on financial information, providing answers to inquiries about financial information, and holding individual meetings or other sessions in any way related to financial information; provided, however, that if any matters falling under timely disclosure regulations arise during the silent period, the Company and the Parent Company will provide timely information disclosure in accordance with the timely disclosure regulations.

July 2018
Internet Research Institute, Inc.